Well, this is embarrassing! I had huge plans of posting weekly and life definitely got in the way of that! I suppose better late than not at all.

Part of my delay in posting has been the boyfriend and I are moving into one of the properties he owns while we ponder the future once I am done school this fall. We knew since March/April that we would be moving over the summer and my ability to plant a full garden would be non-existent 😦

So I decided to try some Pinterest suggests and dig into a gardening book I picked up at a used book sale and do everything in mobile pots. The process began with me scouring all the second-hand stores around town looking for large outdoor pots for my project. After many trips, I managed to track down about 10 pots to begin my process. By this time I learned that none of my seedlings took as someone forgot to look in on them while I way for a couple weeks. So I ended up purchasing all my plants this year from a local greenhouse. This trip ended up okay as I spoiled myself and picked up some lilies and a lavender.


Well, my little planter garden has been a success! My strawberries are on their second round of fruit bearing, the tomatoes and peppers are full of little baby veggies and my onions are huge this year! I have more basil and lemon balm then I can handle and my mint has taken over the front porch stairs. It’s looking to be a great haul for us. I am thinking I will do a combination of planted and pots next year. I quite like how I have been able to place them around our porch giving it a lovely look and feel to our home.